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This week’s super cool theme in the Project 52 Photo Challenge was Backlighting! I love this lighting style, and have several dozen shots in my archives that would have fit the theme perfectly, but this shot in particular is something I’ve been meaning to capture for a while. So, I decided to follow the pups around on their daily house-checking routine yesterday morning which landed them here on the couch…

The dogs never miss an opportunity to survey the goings-on around the neighborhood from their windowsill perch (and yes, they have basically destroyed the loveseat cushion that they’re standing on totally crushing here).

Now let’s have a look at Stephanie Madeline’s blog to see her take…

This week’s Project 52 theme was Strange Behavior, something both of the dogs have in excess. So, I decided to do a little something different this week — video!

Bruce hates bedtime, and wastes no opportunity to voice his displeasure. He’s also not technically allowed on the bed…And he talks. So, our evening routine usually goes something like this (complete with howling montage and cute tricks at the end to try and wear me down):

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I had a bunch of grand plans for this week’s Project 52 theme — Going to the Movies — but then promptly ran out of time to complete all of my crazy ideas, so I did the next best thing: put Bruce in a movie….er, a movie poster, at least.

At the last minute, I decided to include Maddie in the fun as well, and added another shot to my series of Maddie Wearing Masks. This one is titled Maddie Voorhees…

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So I had a little camera “situation” that left me cameraless for over a week. Oh. My. God. I was a mess.

But, I’m back, and just in time for this week’s Project 52 post! This week’s theme: SPORTS!

Part of the problem I face is that both of my dogs turn into lazy little (or Big, in Bruce’s case) lumps of fur in the summertime, preferring to snooze the day away and demand their treats delivered to them on the couch than actually get outside and do any sort of aerobic activity. But, there’s one word that always gets their attention: “Walkies!”

As soon as Bruce hears the jingling of his harness (by the way, I use and highly recommend Sporn mesh harnesses), he’s at the door and raring to go, with Maddie in hot pursuit.

I used their most recent outing to snap a few shots of the two of them having a blast at their favorite (non)”sport” — wandering the neighborhood like little hooligans.

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Time for another Project 52 entry! This week’s theme was Black and White. I shoot a lot of black and white, so this one was pretty fun! I haven’t got many photos of the two hooligans together, so I thought I’d use this as an opportunity for a “group shot.” I set them up on the window seat in the back bedroom and let them chill out while I snapped away. I guess you could call this a “double black and white,” since they’re also both Black and White pups ;)

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Uh, is it Friday already? Wow. Where did the week go?

That must mean it’s time for another Project 52 entry, though! This week’s theme was titled In Their Element, and the goal was to capture a pet doing what it does best, whether it’s a breed-specific job (like a Border Collie herding sheep) or just one of those individual quirks that makes each pet unique. Since it’s 90 degrees, I couldn’t really get Bruce to pull a sled or bound through some snow, but I did capture the Husky Element in a slightly different way…it’s Coat Blowing Season! Hooray!!! :( (sigh)

Yeah…Fur everywhere. If you own a Husky (or any double-coated breed, really), you’ll sympathize with me here. It looks like someone’s been picking cotton in my living room. I have chunks of Bruce fur in my bed, in my car, on the ceiling…I even pulled some out of the battery compartment in my camera. Here he is after one brushing (oh and by the way, he needs this every day during coat-blowing season….Yeah).

Best of all, this week’s challenge gave me an excuse to test out my new toy — a Canon 55mm f/1.2FL, circa 1968, modified to fit onto an EF lens mount. I just love the richness that this lens gives me — definitely my new favorite toy ;)

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For those following the Project 52 challenge, it’s time for a new installment!

This week’s theme, Luck, was inspired by the St. Patrick’s Day festivities, so I decided to do a little something special with Mr Bruce, who is always up for some Shenanigans. He thought this was a little cheesy, but it was all in good fun of course ;)

And no, he’s not painted green — that’s a little time-honored studio trick. He was actually on white seamless with some creative lighting thrown in ;)

Stay tuned next week for a brand new theme!

For now, go and check out how the other photographers in the Project 52 blogring interpreted this week’s challenge. Next in the circle is Steph Skardal, coming to you from Winston-Salem, NC!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

February 14, 2011

The fetch. partners in crime wanted to take a break from stealing candy hearts and running amok to wish you and your furry friends a happy Valentine’s Day.

Despite their daily bickering, I think these two are a match made in heaven…

Are you planning anything special for your four-legged Valentine this Feb 14th?

All the ice we’ve been getting finally gave way to some fluffy, powdery snow last night and the dogs have been loving it. Even Maddie channeled her Boston roots and went for a romp in the (to her) tummy-high white stuff.

Let’s take a look at what they’ve been up to this morning:

In case you were curious about that last shot, they “fight” like that all the time. Really, just playing. Bruce is a big puppy who doesn’t realize how big his teeth are, and Maddie thinks she’s a lot bigger than she is so it works out pretty well. Plus, she’s totally the boss (or, at least, Bruce lets her think she is). Here, they were actually quarreling over who got to chew on the snowball I just threw at them (yes, they eat snow…they’re weird dogs).

How have your pups been handling the Snowpocalypse?

It’s snowing here in Dallas! Well, more like 2 inches or so of ice with some fluffy powder on top. Regardless, Bruce is over the moon (literally, from the looks of it).

A special thanks to my husband for braving the -3 degree windchills and 30mph winds to throw some snacks in the air for Bruce while I froze my butt off in the bushes with the camera on Multi-shot…

And if you’re wondering where Maddie was during all this fun, she was inside snoozing the day away in her fuzzy sweater. She won’t set foot (paw) outside — not even when snacks are involved, so I know she means business.

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